Process for Should be Placed for Adoption (SHOBPA) Meetings


This chapter sets out the process to be followed by Social Workers who want to present a child to the Should be Placed for Adoption (SHOBPA) meeting. It was added to the procedures in March 2018.
  1. SHOBPA meetings are held at 9am every other Friday;
  2. The cut off for paperwork to be submitted is two weeks before the SHOBPA date;
  3. Keeping this in mind, the Child's Social Worker should complete a booking form and email it to;
  4. Their item is booked onto the requested date. If the requested date is full, they will be advised of alternative dates which they could attend;
  5. A confirmation form is sent back to the child's social worker, along with a list of documents required, and an email explaining how to book a pre-adoption medicals;
  6. Pre-adoption medicals are required for every child attending SHOBPA, these must be dated within 6 months of the date of the meeting, or sooner if the child is very young or there are any particular issues which require more monitoring and updates;
  7. Two weeks before the SHOBPA meeting, the child's social worker will submit the paperwork requested, emailing it to;
  8. This will be distributed to the meeting attendees – the Agency Decision Maker, Adoption Advisor, and Legal Advisor. A minute taker also attends the meeting;
  9. The child's social worker will then be sent an agenda, advising them of what time they need to attend the meeting. Each case has a 15 minute slot, although this can be extended if there are several siblings or any particularly complicated issues;
  10. Whilst in the meeting, the Agency Decision maker will ask the social worker to explain the reasons they feel the child/ren should be placed for adoption, and will ask any necessary questions. The legal advisor and adoption advisor will also give advice as necessary
  11. In the meeting, the Agency Decision Maker will either give their decision and reasons for this OR will advise that further information is needed so will defer the decision;
  12. Minutes from this meeting will be typed and ratified by the Agency Decision Maker, then will be sent to the social worker involved for the child's case record;
  13. A letter will be prepared by the minute taker / Adoption Admin for the birth parent(s), and this will be sent to the social worker for them to send to child/ren's birth parents;
  14. If an item is deferred, the social worker will submit the additional documents / work to, and it will be passed on to the Agency Decision Maker for their decision. The minute taker will prepare an addendum minute which will be ratified and returned to the social worker as normal. Letters will then be completed as point 13 above. The social worker does not need to attend an additional SHOBPA meeting at this point.